Newhall DMV Office

Newhall DMV Office information, phone number is 849-777-0133, appointment, address at 24427 Newhall Ave Newhall, California, a branch of California DMV.

Newhall DMV Office Phone Number

What is Newhall DMV Office Phone Number?

Newhall DMV Office Phone Number is 849-777-0133

Newhall DMV Office Address

What is Newhall DMV Office Address?

Use the following Newhall DMV Office physical address:

Newhall DMV Office
Street & City: 24427 Newhall Ave Newhall
State/Zip Code: CA 91321

California DMV

DMVS in California

What to Bring to the Newhall DMV Office?

When you are coming to the Newhall DMV Office, you need to bring the following list of accepted documents you can use as proof of, for example, residency or identity:

* ID Card or Passport.
* Birth certificate.
* Medicare card.
* Payroll sheet.
* 1099 tax form.
* Marriage certificate .
* School transcript, diploma or registration.
* Adoption certificate.
* Certificate of citizenship.

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Newhall DMV Office Appointment

How to schedule an appointment at the Newhall DMV Office?

To schedule an appointment at the Newhall DMV Office, please follow the link below to schedule your appointment:

Watch this video to learn more about the importance of the DMV drivers license appointment system, its importance and how it can help you get a better service.

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